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Flight Training

Fayetteville, AR


Fayetteville, AR


EAS Flight Training offers a wide variety of certifications and endorsements at three locations across Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri.

These include Career & Professional Pilot Programs with deferred financing available to qualified applicants.

Pick a convenient location, certification or endorsement program tailored just for you.

Our team is here to prepare, teach, and guide each aspiring pilot through all phases of their training toward their desired certification and rating goals.



Aurora, MO


Monett, MO

All students/renters will need a Flight Schedule Pro account
                   to access the online schedule features
By creating an account below an EAS representative will contact you to complete the process                                                     and collect the needed documents

Total cost estimate is meant to be used for informational purposes only and reflects the expenses most likely incurred during the training process.


Every person learns at a different pace. Some will be able to train more often, and others may not have as much time for practice and study. As a general rule, the more frequent the lessons, the sooner and less costly the certificate, rating or endorsement will be.


      Total Program Cost: $64,900.00

    Total cost to start from zero flight experience and complete training for Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial, Initial Flight Instructor and Instrument Flight Instructor & accumulate app. 285 flight hours in an 18 month program.

    This includes all books, classroom, written exam fees, simulator time,

aircraft, instructor & check-ride costs.

This Program is based on a minimum of 4 days per week classroom/flight time.

If you don't want to go all the way to instructor, or already have a private or instrument and just              want to finish up, you can apply to finance a lessor amount.    

                                               Call us for a quote !!      877-235-9327 ext 4

                                                       Financing Option 1              

       The Meritize Platform can provide our students with financing options to fund your education. With a Meritize Loan, you can get credit for your merit and potentially improve your loan options by sharing your academic history or military background, if approved, full deferment during school is available for certain products.         


                  Check your loan options in minutes without impacting your credit score at


Meritize Lending, LLC, NMLS ID 1661035 (NMLS Consumer Access Meritize Financial, Inc. NMLS ID 1986399 (NMLS Consumer Access Terms and Conditions apply. Meritize branded loan products are educational loans issued by Meritize Lending, LLC**. Meritize reserves the right to modify or discontinue products and benefits at any time without notice. To qualify, a borrower must be a U.S.citizen, permanent resident or hold an Employment Authorization Document and meet Meritize’s underwriting requirements. If approved for a loan the actual loan amount, term, payment, and APR amount of loan that a customer qualifies for may vary based on credit determination, state law and other factors. Meritize does not warrant or guarantee any claims made herein, including, but not limited to, gaining admission to a program,concerning the quality or financial strength of any educational institution, securing funding or obtaining employment. Our final loan offer may differ as a result of the school chosen and the associated cost of tuition. Not all schools are eligible for funding. Meritize does not offer educational loans in the following states: IN, ME,ND, NV, SD, VT, WI, WV, WY, PR. All rights reserved.**For residents of SC, loan is made by Meritize Financial, Inc.*Variable rates are subject to change


                                                        Financing Option 2              

       Stratus Financial was founded by FAA Certificated Flight and Ground Instructors passionate about helping others achieve their aviation dreams.  We know it’s not just about achieving your dreams (because we looked up in the sky every time, we heard an airplane too!), but funding your family’s dreams as well.  That’s why Stratus was created, because with Stratus, the sky is no longer the limit.


Your Aviation Dreams Start Here


You’re not just a number, and it shows with Stratus.  We look beyond the typical FICO scores and look at you as a whole aviator.  We want to set you up for success before you even apply with us! 


We offer exceptional lending packages, including:

  • The best rate you’ll get anywhere to go from zero to hero!

  • Full financing for your entire flight training and more

  • Affordable payment options, including deferment for 12 months while you complete your training AND find a job.

  • Pay your loan off any time you want with no consequences or penalties whatsoever.


Stratus Has You Covered For Resources For Your Aviation Career


  • Counseling with our team of flight instructors and ground instructors to support you through flight training, check rides and interviews with airlines.

  • Resume reviewing, editing, and building

  • AMA Phone Calls with Pilots in the 121 and 135 Industry – What It’s like, How They Got Their Job, etc.


We look forward to helping you achieving your aviation dreams and seeing you in the sky!


If you are interested in getting started, please click here to apply now:


 If you have limited credit or low income you may need a Co-Borrower; if so, please have your co-borrower complete their application here:


                  Check your loan options in minutes


Total cost estimate for preparation required to meet the standards for Private Pilot Certificate for a single-engine, fixed-wing, land based aircraft. You can begin training for the private pilot at any age, must be 17 years old by the day of the check ride, there is no maximum age.

FAA Physical Exam (3rd Class): $175.00

50 Hrs - Cessna 172: (most expensive choice used): $8950.00


40 Hrs Primary Instruction (In Aircraft): $2400.00

15 Hrs Ground Instruction/Classroom: $900.00


Text Books / Study Material: $275.00

FAA Written Exam: $175.00

FAA Oral/Practical Test - Check Ride: $750.00

Total Estimated Cost: $13625.00

*(National averages for times have been used in this total cost estimate)

Instrument Rating.JPG
INSTRUMENT RATING                       $12,375.00

Total cost estimate for the preparation required to meet the standards for the Instrument pilot certificate single-engine airplane rating. You must already hold a private pilot certificate.

45 Hrs Aircraft:(most expensive choice used): $8005.00

30 Hrs Advanced Instruction (In Aircraft): $2100.00

20 Hrs Ground Instruction/Classroom: $1200.00

Textbooks / Study Material: $195.00


FAA Written Exam: $175.00

FAA Oral/Practical Test - Check Ride: $750.00

Total Estimated Cost: $12425.00

*(This estimate assumes you have met the 50Hrs X/C PIC requirements)

Instrument Rating

Total cost estimate for the preparation required to meet the standards for the Commercial pilot certificate single-engine airplane. You must already hold a private pilot certificate with instrument rating, have 225 hrs and you must be 18 years old by the day of the check ride *

30 Hrs Aircraft: $5370.00

25 Hrs Advanced Instruction (In Aircraft): $1750.00

20 Hrs Ground Instruction/Classroom: $1200.00

Textbooks / Study Material: $195.00


FAA Written Exam: $175.00

FAA Oral/Practical Test - Check Ride: $750.00

Total Estimated Cost: $9440.00

*(This estimate assumes you have 250 Hrs TT & 10 Hrs Complex)

Commercial Certification
Multi Engine.JPG

Total cost estimate for the preparation required to meet the standards for the (Private/Instrument/Commercial pilot) multi-engine airplane add-on certificate. We use a PA-30 (Twin Comanche) with GNS 430W & S-Tec Auto Pilot. You must have a minimum of 15 Hours of complex time logged to enroll at these rates. 

If you don't have the minimum complex time, please contact us for pricing to obtain the minimum ahead of your scheduled multi - engine time.

Multi-engine time building is also available @ $425.00/Hour in 10 Hr Blocks.

8 - 10 Hrs Advanced Instruction (In Aircraft): $4495.00

    (Flight Time Exceeding 12 Hrs will add additional per hour cost)

3 - 5 Hrs Ground School / Oral Prep: Included

Textbooks / Study Material: Included

FAA Oral/Practical Test - Check Ride: $750.00

Total Estimated Cost: $5245.00

Lodging Available on Request: $50.00/night

    (Not Included in Estimated Cost)

Multi Engine

Use Your Aircraft

At EAS, we want you to be safe and comfortable with your new airplane and would love to help you accomplish this through flight instruction in your aircraft. Whether it be private pilot, insurance checkout, CFI, BFR, IPC, or multi-engine commercial, we have the staff to make it happen. Call or email with your request today.

Ground Instruction:                    $60 per hour

Primary Flight Instruction:         $60 per hour

Advanced Flight Instruction:     $70 per hour

Multi-Engine Instruction:           $90 per hour

Train in your aircraft
Fligt Instructor

Instructor Ratings

Flight Instructor.JPG

This certification allows a current commercial pilot to become an instructor and teach others to become a pilot. This program requires two written exams: Fundamentals of instruction (FOI) and an instructor knowledge test (FIA),

and complete the oral and practical exam. Give us a call today about costs and program to add your instructor rating. Who Knows, we might even have a job for you !!!                 (Lodging Available on Request)


This certification allows an instructor the ability to provide instrument training to pilots and, once requirements are met, endorse their log books for the instrument check ride. Costs and time will vary based on your current experience level. Contact us about a custom program and price.

     (Lodging Available on Request)


This Certification is required to fly for a commercial Airline. This rating requires a graduation certificate from an authorized certification training program which includes simulator & classroom training. After completing this course, EAS can administer your written examination and provide the multi engine training to prepare you for the FAA oral/practical examination. This check-ride requires that you be 23 years of age.




The FAA regulations require any pilot who operates an aircraft with a tail wheel to have obtained the proper ground and flight training in a tailwheel aircraft and receive a logbook endorsement from that instructor. EAS can provide this training upon request. Please give us a call.


The FAA regulations require any pilot who operates an aircraft with retractable landing gear and a constant speed propeller to have the proper ground and flight training accompanied by a log book endorsement to do so.

This typically requires 3-5 Hrs of dual instruction in an aircraft that meets a complex aircraft definition. This can be done in one day, depending on experience level, or spread out over a few days. As always, it's your choice.

High Performance.JPG

The FAA regulations require any pilot who wishes to operate an aircraft with an engine rated at over 200 HP have the proper ground and flight training accompanied by a log book endorsement to do so. We would be glad to help you meet those needs anytime you are ready. Typically takes just a few hours to complete in a single afternoon.

Computer Testing Center

Computer Testing Center
Hands on Computer Keyboard

EAS is an FAA, certified written testing center. In cooperation with PSI, we have been providing FAA and FCC testing since 2005. We can provide all FAA testing from Sport Pilot to ATP, A&P mechanic to Inspector Authorization. Call directly to schedule your exam today (877)235-9327 ext 2.


We'd love to hear from you



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