EAS Flight Training takes pride in our knowledgeable, reliable, and consistent staff. The crew is not here for just the job, but here for future pilots. With a combined total of over 75 years of knowledge and experience, our instructors make flying and flight instruction their passion

as well as their career choice. This passion extends to each student, as the instructors work diligently every day to prepare you for your aviation career.

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Justin Richmond

  Justin has been flying for over 30 years and founded the flight school in 1997. He holds FAA certifications for multi-engine commercial and Instrument as well as airframe and powerplant mechanic, inspector authorization, advanced ground instructor, remote pilot, and is an FAA-certified written exam test proctor. Justin enjoys teaching ground school classes, and provides aviation career consulting as well as aircraft purchase evaluations for customers when needed.


  Justin always wanted to fly and started in 1990, when he was 31. His passion started after a ride-a-long on a flight lesson, and got bitten by the bug! His favorite aircraft to fly is his aircraft, a Piper Seneca II.

Mike Barnett
Flight Instructor
Bart Marcules
Chief Flight Instructor

 Bart is a ground and flight instructor for private, instrument, commercial, and airline transport pilots in both single and 

multi-engine aircraft. Bart also does instruction for the initial flight instructor rating (CFI) as well as ad on ratings for instrument instructor (CFII) and multi-engine instructor (MEI).

He has been instructing full time for EAS Flight Training since the spring of 2017 and looks forward to helping you with whatever certificate or rating you need.

Michael Rasico.jpg
Michael Rasico
Flight Instructor

    Mike Barnett is the newest addition to the EAS Flight Training Staff, and provides instruction for private and commercial pilot ratings.

   Mike has been flying since 2001 and joined the EAS crew in 2021. He holds certifications as a commercial pilot single and multi-engine land, instrument and flight instructor.

   Mike loves to fly, and enjoys sharing that passion with his students while teaching them the art of aviation. 

  Mike Rasico is a Flight Instructor at EAS and teaches private pilot and commercial students. He has been flying for 18 years and a part of the EAS crew Since 2019. He holds certifications for commercial airplane single-engine land and sea, instrument airplane, Certified Flight Instructor and advanced ground instructor.


  Aviation seemed out of reach for Mike while growing up. It was an encouraging wife from an aviation family that inspired Mike to take lessons. From there, the rest is history. Mike now gets to share the joy of flying with others while encouraging them along their journey. His favorite aircraft to fly is a J-3 Cub on floats.

Shiv Toolsie.jpg
Shiv Toolsie
Flight Instructor

  Shiv Toolsie is a flight instructor at EAS and teaches private and commercial pilots. Shiv also conducts biennial flight reviews for bringing existing pilots current and proficient. He has been flying since 2017 and a part of the EAS crew since the spring of 2020. He holds certifications for commercial pilot airplane single and multi-engine land, instrument, and flight instructor airplane single-engine.


  After 15 years in the business world, Shiv decided to follow his childhood dream and started the second half of his aviation career. He is thankful for all the help along the way from the aviation community and enjoys giving back by teaching new pilots.  His favorite aircraft to fly is any of the Cessna 172's that he instructs in every day.